Elpack Packaging Solutions specialise in supplying a range of Plain and Printed Disposable Products for all your catering needs.

We offer a range of high quality recyclable and compostable lines which can be served on the high street in cafes and bars as well as corporate events and festivals.that in turn brings your products to life.

From coffee cups to waffle boxes, greaseproof paper, napkins, burger boxes, ice-cream tubs we can print your brand on a range of products with low minimum order quantities.

Our rPET and PLA Smoothie Tumblers are available in plain or printed with your own unique logo. All available in several sizes with one common lid to fit all.

We specialise in short print runs across a range of products which widens the target audience that in turn brings your products to life.

The Elpack Paper Product Range


Our PLA range of tumblers are made from base materials that are renewable and are 100% biodegradable and compostable. Benefits of using compostable products is that they can be composted and broken down.

We also offer clear recyclable PET tumblers which is able to be processed and used again either as the same product or restoring it to its original state and reusing it. PET is the UK’s most sought after plastic for recycling and all recycling facilities will readily accept it.

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All of Our Products Are Recyclable

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