Whoop! The Summer is here, and the sun just keeps on shining. With such glorious weather, we crave more cold drinks even more. Whatever your choice of summer beverage, it is important to keep yourself hydrated to stay cool. So it’s adios to those hot coffees and a big hello to all of the tasty cold drinks!

Let Your Customers Enjoy Smoothies in the Sun

Our range of PLA Tumblers and PET Tumblers is the perfect choice for these summer days, especially when you know cold smoothies are everyone’s craving. You can pack these PLA Compostable Tumblers or a recyclable PET Tumbler full of nutritious fruit to keep your customers cool and hydrated during the summer weather. Pair our PLA Tumbler or PET tumbler with a super jumbo straw to slurp up all that nutritional goodness and a smoothie cup lid to keep everything contained in your cup (not on your shop floor. Say goodbye to spills!). 

We all love a nutritious fruity option for the hot summer months, but there are so many other options for our smoothie cups! Everyone loves a slushy. Enjoy one in the sun with a PET Tumbler or PLA Tumbler. These icy sweet drinks are a favourite in terms of summer drinks. Serve them in an eco-friendly way with a recyclable or compostable tumbler.

Pint Glasses for Your Customers

One for the bar owners out there, who doesn’t love a pint in the sun? A beer garden is part of British culture, but you don’t really want to be ferrying back and forth, doing mountains of washing up of pint glasses that come with having a beer garden. Don’t worry, we have a solution!  

We stock widely recyclable pint and half pint disposable glasses! These glasses are CE Marked and are RPET, which has all the benefits of standard PET, plus it’s manufactured using a significant amount of recycled PET. 

These pint glasses are strong enough to hold your drink without fear of spills, and best of all, prices start at £44.60 for 1000! Think of all that washing up water and labour you could save yourself! 

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