burger on greaseproof paper

We’re all being told to “appreciate our food more”, but that’s easier said than done and we are all guilty of wolfing down our favourite food. What if I told you greaseproof paper could be the answer? 

Studies have shown that we appreciate gifts more when they are wrapped. We have a variety of gorgeous greaseproof papers, that can be used to wrap your food options similarly to how you’d wrap any present.

By this logic, we may appreciate our food more when it’s wrapped in pretty greaseproof paper than we would when it’s just slammed in a container or plate.  

Of course, greaseproof paper isn’t for wrapping actual presents, we know that, if that was the case holiday celebrations would be a bit weird. 

Essentially, greaseproof paper stops your customers from getting greasy. These options can be relatively plain like our Greaseproof Cut 4 Sunwrap and Heavy Duty Waxed Bleached Kraft Paper

They go beyond simply keeping your customers grease-free whilst they eat, greaseproof paper can even be used as key food decoration for your café or restaurant. Our Burger Wrap Sheets, gourmet printed greaseproof paper, and gingham greaseproof paper are great for decorating your takeaway boxes while also keeping your customers clean.

Who doesn’t love a bit of gingham in their summer wardrobe? You’ll love it in your takeaway box in greaseproof paper form. 

Let everyone know your customer’s food was fresh with Greaseproof paper with “made freshly for you” printed on it.

Do you miss the good old days when fish and chips used to come in a newspaper? Well, we’ve got Newspaper Printed greaseproof paper! 

Our unbleached greaseproof sheets are even oven and microwave safe, leaving your customers with the option of reheating their food later, and also keeping them protected from any mess that may come from the food! 

This unbleached kraft greaseproof paper really gives an eco-friendly feel and would be perfect for a vegan cafe or vegan restaurant.

We at Elpack have so many options with our greaseproof paper, we even have silicone options and offcuts for packaging! 

If you look at our extensive range of greaseproof paper we promise you won’t be disappointed, and you’ll be able to find the right option for you.

Like what you hear? Contact Elpack Packaging Solutions today and let us supply you with your range of printed disposable cups and accessories. We know we can find the right solution for you.