Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products for Restaurant & Takeaways

Our industry-leading BioTech range is highly concentrated and planet neutral. This results in significantly reduced transport costs, lower manufacturing expenses, and fewer unnecessary plastic bottles being produced and circulated.

MACK products are harmless. They clean, shine, and sanitize, then return to the environment without leaving a trace. With no negative impact, legacy, or collateral damage, our products are vegan, ocean-safe, VOC-free, planet-neutral, and science-driven. With MACK, the planet comes out on top.

Endorsed and utilized by Sea Shepherd UK, in collaboration with Prevented Ocean Plastic and supplied to LUSH factories, our foundation is built on sustainability and respect for the planet. This is why we are Carbon Neutral.

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5l Fairy Original Washing Up Liquid

£13.95 + VAT
Auntie Bac (PURPLE) | MACK Cleaning Products | Elpack

Auntie Bac (PURPLE)

£17.00 + VAT

Auntie Bac (PURPLE) 500ml

£12.35 + VAT

Blue Vinyl Gloves Medium Powder Free

Pack of 100 £2.70 + VAT
Fat Buoy (YELLOW) | MACK Cleaning Products | Elpack

Fat Buoy (YELLOW)

£23.30 + VAT

Fat Buoy (YELLOW) 500ml

£12.35 + VAT
Ocean Potion (Blue) | MACK Cleaning Products | Elpack

Ocean Potion (Blue)

£20.02 + VAT

Ocean Potion (Blue) 500ml

£12.35 + VAT

Optima Proclean Spunlace All Purpose Cloths

Pack of 50 £3.31
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The Shining (PINK) | MACK Cleaning Products | Elpack

The Shining (PINK)

£22.40 + VAT

The Shining (PINK) 500ml

£12.35 + VAT
WTF (GREEN) | MACK Cleaning Products | Elpack


£23.30 + VAT

WTF (GREEN) 500ml

£12.35 + VAT