MACK Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

MACK use biotechnology in cleaning products to bring you the best possible clean without harming aquatic life, VOC free and leaves no legacy.

Mack’s world leading BioTech range is highly concentrated, but still planet neutral. It means transport costs are drastically reduced and manufacturing costs are low with less superfluous plastic bottles swimming around the system being produced.

1 product refills trigger spray bottles over and over, in effect, all these planet positives trickle down to give the end user incredible value for money – more often than not, the diluted product works out far better value than traditional hard chemical cleaners allied to drastically reduced COSHH implications.

The MACK liquid concentrates are available in 1ltr BioFlips. The flask will produce 250 bottles worth of cleaning products once diluted. The concentrates are designed to be diluted with cold water. They have a one-way valve that will only allow the precise amount of concentrate to be dosed, preventing wastage.

Elpack currently offer five products in the 1ltr range. From a Kitchen Degreaser to Disinfectant or general surface cleaner, no matter what your cleaning needs are, there’s a product for you.

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Auntie Bac (PURPLE) | MACK Cleaning Products | Elpack

Auntie Bac (PURPLE)

£17.00 + VAT
Fat Buoy (YELLOW) | MACK Cleaning Products | Elpack

Fat Buoy (YELLOW)

£23.30 + VAT
Ocean Potion (Blue) | MACK Cleaning Products | Elpack

Ocean Potion (Blue)

£20.02 + VAT
The Shining (PINK) | MACK Cleaning Products | Elpack

The Shining (PINK)

£22.40 + VAT
WTF (GREEN) | MACK Cleaning Products | Elpack


£23.30 + VAT