25cm Cockail Napkins / Serviettes

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Essential Serviettes for Your Food Business

Serviettes are indispensable for any restaurant, café, bakery, and more. They serve multiple purposes: mopping up spills, holding greasy food, and ensuring customers stay clean and safe from spills. Every food establishment needs them.

The Importance of Napkins

Whether you’re serving hot food like burgers or cold drinks like cocktails, our 25cm napkins and serviettes can make a significant difference. They not only enhance the dining experience but also show your customers that you care about their comfort and cleanliness.

Stylish and Strong Paper Napkins

Our paper napkins come in various styles, allowing you to choose the best fit for your business. Each napkin boasts 2-ply strength, making it tough enough to handle any spill, be it ice cream, coffee, or pizza grease. They are perfect for placing on tables or accompanying food, adding a touch of care and professionalism to your service.

Versatile Napkins for Customer Convenience

Imagine the sticky situation when a customer finishes a delicious meal with nothing to clean their hands. Whether they spill a drink or enjoy saucy chicken wings, having a serviette at hand is crucial. Providing napkins helps avoid such inconveniences and leaves a lasting positive impression on your customers.

Enhancing the Dining Experience

Whether dining in, taking away, or waiting for a delivery at home, protecting clothes from dripping food, sticky fingers, and spilled drinks enhances the meal enjoyment. We even offer branded napkins to add a personalised touch to your service.

Convenient and Protective Paper Serviettes

For a simple yet effective way to add convenience and care to your meals, consider our paper serviettes. They complement our burger boxes, pizza boxes, smoothie cups, and more, making them a perfect addition to any food and drink offering. Don’t hesitate to make a purchase today.

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