7″ Printed Waffle Boxes 65mm

£13.50 + VAT

These takeaway 7″ waffle boxes are perfect for shops, cafés and takeaways that offer their customers delicious desserts like waffles, crêpes and churros. Our waffle boxes are super easy to assemble, with no tape or glue which helps keep your orders flowing at a fast rate without frustration.

Depth sizes: 45mm and 65mm

These waffle boxes can be custom printed through our specialist branded packaging service, enquire for further details.

Available in packs of 100.


Waffle Boxes Wholesale – Custom & Printed

These delightful boxes for waffles come in a stylish design and offer plenty of space to pack with desserts. Delight your customers today with a waffle box packed with character that looks great.

The choice then is what you put in it!

This waffle box is 7″ square, making it the ideal shape and size to pack full with cookie dough, crepes, or of course, waffles.

Give your customers all of the sweet treats they desire in one handy box that is always made from sustainable cardboard, easy to carry, and sure to keep your food safe and warm until it is ready to be eaten.

Make Packing Easy With Our Waffle Box

We know that in a food and drinks business, time is money, and that’s why these waffle boxes couldn’t be easier to build and have in the hands of the customer in seconds.

They come in packs of 100 and are simple to assemble. All you need to do is fold it into place and lock it into using the cardboard flaps and your sturdy waffle box is built.

It literally takes seconds.

With it being so easy to build, you don’t need to have them already formed, which makes it much easier to keep them stored away until needed as they take up far less room.

Also, due to the tough nature of the cardboard and the clever build, no tape or glue is ever needed, saving you time, money, and making them better for the environment.

Personalise Your Waffle Boxes

If you want to showcase your brand, our printing service provides the perfect solution to getting your business out there and making sure everyone who sees your customer tucking into their tasty waffles knows exactly where to head next!

If you want to know more about our waffle boxes, or our printing service, get in touch with our team today!


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