Super Jumbo Straws

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These 9″ Super Jumbo Straws are wide enough for thicker drinks such as smoothies, milkshakes, slush drinks and cocktails.

The perfect way to make your customer’s drinks much more accessible when on the go and ensure they’re not straining to slurp up their delicious drink.

Available in a pack of 200 straws.

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If you’re selling thicker drinks, such as smoothies, milkshakes and slushes, then you will be well aware that these can be quite tough to drink through a normal size straw.

If your customer buys a delicious drink, but then struggles to drink it through a straw, it could make it hard for them to enjoy it while on the move.

If this sounds familiar, then what you need are our super jumbo straws.

These extra large straw make it easy to slurp up every drop of a tasty drink, no matter the consistency, texture, and thickness.

Jumbo Straws for Smoothies, Milkshakes and More

These jumbo straws are ideal if you’re serving up smoothies, milkshakes and more.

On a warm day when the last thing your customers want to be doing is straining to take a sip of their drink, having a straw that is long enough to easily reach the bottom of their smoothie cup and that is wide enough to make drinking it easy is essential.

If you work in a bar and you’re serving up lovely cocktails, these can come in a wide array of different glasses or cups. These straws are perfect for making sure every last drop can be sucked up and nothing goes to waste.

These straws are 9 inches long but aren’t too wide to fit into traditional smoothie domes or lids, which makes them the perfect accessory for your drinks establishment to use.

Large PLA Straws Without Any Plastic

Every one of these straws is made from PLA, which means they contain no plastic and are instead created from a sustainable and renewable plant based materials. This makes them a great choice not just for your drinks takeaway, but also for the planet.

If you’re an environmentally conscious brand and you’re looking to get rid of the single used plastics that you have always used, then these jumbo drinks straws are a great point to start from as they are sustainable sourced and always 100% compostable.

Every straw is made to be tough and not wilt or bend under any pressure, meaning it will last the entirety of your drink and ensure you can enjoy every last drop.

Jumbo Straws Details

  • Available in packs of 200.
  • Wider to make it much easier to sip drinks of a thicker consistency than normal.
  • Made from PLA, completely free from single-use plastic, and 100% compostable.
  • 9 inches long to get to the bottom of even the biggest smoothie cups.

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Box of 200


9mm x 228mm


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