Auntie Bac (PURPLE)

£17.00 + VAT

An ecological cleaner and sanitiser for hard, industrial surfaces – 1 Litre

  • One BioFlip concentrate makes 50 (up to 750ml) trigger spray bottles.
  • Simply fill the chamber, pour into your reusable spray bottle & add water.
  • A natural lactic disinfectant that works great on any surface that may contain germs.
  • Cost less, use less and harm less – MACK products keeps on cleaning for up to 28 days longer than conventional, non-biological cleaners, saving you money and the environment.
  • How it works: fermentation extracts in the mixture break down dirt and grime. The biological agents – natural bacteria – then digest the newly dissolved grime in a completely safe, non-toxic way.
  • The bottle design allows you to measure out the correct cleaner dosage quickly and without waste. To use it, flip the bottle upside down to fill the measuring chamber (keeping the lid on). The liquid will be released into the bottle when flipped back up, leaving you with the correct dosage.
  • Certified to BS EN 14476:2013+A2:2019 , BS EN 1276.
  • MACK products provide a greener, more ecological solution, especially for marine environments.
  • As used by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.


Disinfectant 20ml dose for EN14476 (covid)

Cost in use = 50 refills per bottle circa £0.34p per refill

Hard core (you know the score) natural Lactic disinfectant that works great on any surface that may contain germ related nasties and kills them, yes even that one! Leaving you with a safe space to enjoy whatever you do with your time, we aren’t here to judge. Certified to BS EN 14476:2013+A2:2019 , BS EN 1276. Grab your clean 500ml or 750ml reused or repurposed trigger bottle, flip the refill bottle down for 5 secs, flip the bottle upright for 5 secs, remove the cap, pour into your trigger bottle and fill to the brim with cold water. I hate germs and I cannot lie.


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