Gourmet Burger & Fries Box

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Burger and Fries Boxes

These boxes are an ideal take-away solution for burgers with fries or other sides. Made from corrugated cardboard and sure to keep your burger and sides warm and safe. All boxes come flat packed for ease of storage and are simple to fold into place when the time comes to use them.

These handy boxes are ideal for customers as they open out into a plate meaning no matter where they are, they can enjoy a delicious burger.

  • Quantity: 100 Per Case
  • Eco friendly cardboard material
  • Made in the UK




Gourmet Burger & Fries Boxes

These boxes come packed with features which make them the ideal choice for serving up delicious meals to your customers.

Everything you need to serve up food that remains in-tact, warm, and without condensation comes with these handy double burger boxes, and there’s plenty of room inside to really treat your customers.

More than just a burger box, this burger box is wide enough to slot in fries or any other side, meaning you use less packaging overall and offer a much more convenient way for your customers or delivery drivers to travel with their food.

Versatile Burger and Fries Boxes

Every thought has gone into the creation of these boxes.

From having the space to pack in sides, dips, your burger, and more, to being able to be used as a serving option thanks to it’s thick cardboard base, these are the ideal option for any takeaway establishment.

If you’re a takeaway that offers a wide selection of meal deals, then this packaging is just what you need to pack everything in and serve it over to your customers in one, convenient, foldable box.

From chicken to burgers, every box is tall enough to fit in any burger, no matter if you’re serving up doubles and triples, and wide enough to add any sides needed, providing you with all the space you need to serve up burgers and the trimmings with ease.

Cardboard Burger and Fries Packaging that Works

No-one likes soggy burgers and fries.

When delivering, the time your hot food is stuck inside a box can be lengthy, meaning having a good box that is well ventilated is essential.

Deliver takeaways that taste as fresh as the moment you popped the food in the box and amaze your customers with the freshest tasting takeaway around.

An Eco-Friendly Burger and Fries Box

Our burger and fries boxes are all made from eco-friendly cardboard.

This means that it has been sustainably sourced, and once your customer is done with their delicious meal, they can simply pop it into the recycling bin and it can be used again.

Perfect for any environmentally conscious establishment, these eco-friendly burger boxes are good for the planet, and your food.

Save your customers the washing up by letting them eat straight from the packaging, never waste a second with this easy-fold design, and always serve food that is crispy and fresh.

If you want to know more about our burger packaging, get in touch with our team today.

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Additional information


Case of 100


L: 244 x W: 120 x H: 100mm


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