Gourmet Burger Box (Case of 100)

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Gourmet Burger Box  

Made from corrugated cardboard and sure to keep your burger warm and safe, these gourmet burger boxes are ideal for larger burgers. All boxes come flat packed for ease of storage and are simple to fold into place when the time comes to use them. These handy boxes are ideal for customers as they open out into a plate meaning no matter where they are, they can enjoy a delicious burger.

  • Quantity: 100 Per Case
  • Dimensions 120 x 120 x 105mm
  • Eco friendly cardboard material


Gourmet Burger Box  

This gourmet burger box is made from corrugated cardboard and is ideal for all burgers, no matter the size. The kraft colour board is sturdy and suitable for transporting burgers in a delivery. The boxes are folded down so easy to store, and then time comes to pop your burger in, it couldn’t be easier to fold them into place. Ideal for use with burger wrapping paper.

Keep Your Food Warm with a Gourmet Burger Box

When handing out food to customers, or sending it away for delivery, it is vital that it stays warm for as long as possible. These burger boxes provide the perfect insulation and are sure to keep your burger warm until it reaches it’s location, no matter how long the journey is.

Delight Your Customers with our Gourmet Burger Boxes

The packaging that your food is presented in represents your brand, and having a gourmet burger box that is easy to open and close makes a huge difference to your customers. You may also consider our branded burger boxes for extra impact.

Whether your customers are enjoying a quick snack on-the-go, or taking their food home for tea, save them the washing up with this handy burger box.

Eco-Friendly Burger Boxes for Your Business

If you operate an environmentally-conscious business, then these cardboard burger boxes are ideal for you.

Every box is made from food-grade cardboard which means that every box is tough against moisture and sure to stay rigid, as well as being highly recyclable.

Once your customer has enjoyed their tasty burger, all they have to do is pop the box in the recycling bin and it can be used again.

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Case of 100


120 x 120 x 105mm


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