Microwavable Container 500ml

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Perfect for a range of catering applications, Our Plastic Microwave Containers are manufactured using high quality plastic, include completely sealable lids and are totally microwave safe and ideal for those situations where you need to heat food fast.

Available in packs of 250 in the sizes 500ml and 650ml


Microwavable Plastic Containers For Your Business

In business there’s a common saying that time is money, and that is very true in the food industry.

That’s why it’s vital you have the equipment to react to orders quickly, ship your food safely, and store it away securely.

If you’re looking for something that provides all three, then our microwavable food containers are the perfect item for you.

Whether you’re locking food in tightly while delivering, heating it up in minutes, or popping it in a freezer for another day, these plastic food containers are ideal for your business in this fast paced world.

Microwave Safe Container for Rapid Heating of Food

These microwavable food containers are absolutely ideal in a range of situations and catering applications.

Are you operating in a takeaway and wanting to heat something up and send it on its way? Or maybe you’re sending out a sweet treat that just needs warming up?

Either way, you’re safe with our containers that have all been designed to be completely safe to use in a microwave and not wilt under the pressure.

These sturdy plastic boxes remain strong, and with the locking lids, create the perfect environment for your food to stay warm as it makes its way to your lucky customers.

Only The Highest Quality Microwavable Containers With Lids

All of our microwavable containers are made of the highest-quality materials to ensure they are always strong enough to get the job done.

We use plastic that stays strong, no matter the heat pressure, and all of our lids are designed to fit snugly and form a complete seal, keeping heat in and the outside elements out.

When you need to heat food fast, there’s nothing better than our plastic food containers.

Heat Food Safely with Our Microwavable Food Containers

If your business needs to provide your customers with hot food in a quick time, then these microwavable containers are essential.

They don’t just heat food up, but they also keep it safe and warm, meaning if you’re handing over to a delivery driver, or a customer with a long walk home, there food is sure to be in the perfect condition for eating when they arrive.

Needing to store food? These containers are ideal for stacking in a fridge or freezer and make it easy to whack it straight in the microwave when the time comes for heating.

Looking for more hot food containers? Then why not check out our kraft bowls and boxes?

And if you want to know more about our microwavable plastic food containers, then get in touch with Elpack today.

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