Reclosable Sip Lid for Hot Paper Cups


These resealable lids have a “reclosable” perforated tab which reduces the chance of liquid splashing out of the cup, it also helps to keep the beverage warm, fresh and hygienic.

Once opened, the sip tab can be locked back into drinking position or it can be pushed through the sip hole again to act as a cover.

RECYCLING: Our reclosable lids are made using Recyclable PS – Recycle where facilities exist.

  • White
  • Case of 1000
  • Resealable and Reclosable Coffee Cup Lids.
  • Pair with our Single Wall or Double Wall Paper Cups.
  • Enhanced drinking experience
  • Protect the cup user from accidental spillage.
  • Keep beverages fresh, warm and hygienic

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Case of 1000


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