rPET Smoothie Cup 12oz

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Our smoothie tumblers are available in four sizes 9oz (270ml), 12oz (360ml), 16oz (480ml) and 20oz.

Strong and durable – ideal for serving smoothies, cocktails, milkshakes, juices, fruits, desserts, frozen and blended iced drinks.

All of our smoothie cups are clear, allowing the bright colours of the drinks inside to really stand out. They are tough and with the addition of our smoothie lids, are a safe and easy way to help your customers carry and sip their drinks on the go without any risk of spillage.

Please note the lids are sold separately and do not come with this product.


If you serve cold drinks such as smoothies, milkshakes, juices, and more, then you need a container that will ensure your customer can carry their drink long distances without it being uncomfortable and any spillage. Our PET smoothie cups are the ideal solution to providing the perfect way to serve cold drinks, and a nice way of allowing the bright colours of the drink inside to really stand out.

Smoothie Cups for Any Occasion

These cold drink containers are a versatile solution to offering many different types of takeaway drinks (and even food!).

Whether you’re working at a juice bar serving fresh squeezed fruit, giving away nice cold milkshakes from your cafe on a warm summers day, or even behind a bar shaking up cocktails for customers who want to enjoy a drink in the sun, you can’t go wrong with a clear PET smoothie cup.

As I mentioned, you can even serve up some of your favourite desserts in these cups for a real treat to passers by who want a quick bite to eat while making their way home from work.

Which Size Smoothie Cup Will Work For You?

We have a wide range of smoothie tumblers available, including 9oz cups which hold 270ml of liquid, 12oz which holds 360ml, 16oz to hold 480ml, and our 20oz.

So whether you want to serve up a pint of something, or a little dash of lovely juice, we have the perfect smoothie container for you.

We also have a range of lids available that come in sizes to fit each of these cups snugly, making sure the connection is always secure and that the risk of your customer spilling their drink, or getting it down them as they go take a sip, very small.

Why not check out our lids and straws category page to find the ideal lid for you?

High Quality PET Tumblers for Your Business

All of our plain cold drink cups are made from recyclable PET, making them the perfect choice for any business who is environmentally conscious.

We only sell smoothie cups made from the highest quality materials that we know are built to last, and won’t let you or your customers down as they enjoy a nice cold drink on the move.

And if you really want to show off your brand, why not take a look at our printed PET tumbler offering here.


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