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Sip Lids

Our sip thru lids, also known as travel sip lids are specifically designed for the “Coffee To Go” market. These domed travel sip lids (excluding 4oz) comfortably fit on all of our 8oz or 12/16oz paper cups which allow the customer to consume their hot drink without the risk of spillage or scalding.

  • Case of 1000
  • Protect against spillages
  • Firm fit for our paper cups
  • 100% recyclable (PS)
  • Available in a range of colours



Sip Lids for Drinks on the Go

If your customers are always on the move, then they need something that will allow them to enjoy their morning tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, without risk of spilling.

What they need, is a travel sip thru lid.

This handy accessory slots seamlessly onto a takeaway cup, providing protection not just for the customer enjoying the drink, but also for the drink inside, stopping dirt from getting in as well as keeping your drink nice and warm.

Our travel sip thru lids make the perfect partner to all of our 8oz, 12 & 16oz paper cups, meaning no matter what size of drink you sell, we have the lid for you.

Coloured Sip-Thru Lids to Suit Your Theme

One of the wonders of our sip lids is that they can completely transform the look of your paper cup.

Are you hosting a coronation party?, Our Union Jack cups together with our coloured sip thru lids create the perfect accessory for your event.

We have options of six vibrant colours to choose from, the choice is yours, so choose a sip lid that will represent your brand well and delight your customers.

Stylish Travel with Sip-Thru Lids

Our travel sip thru lids are the perfect combination of substance and style.

Whether you are on daily commute or simply out for a stroll, these lids make every cup look and feel great.

If you’re looking to provide your customers with the ultimate convenience to help them enjoy a warm drink, then don’t look any further than our travel sip thru lids.

If you want to know more, then get in touch with our team today.

And of course, don’t forget to stock up on your biodegradable coffee cups, black ripple cups, or Kraft cups.


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Case of 1000


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