White Serviettes

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Plain White Serviette
33 x 33 Napkins / Serviettes,

2-ply strength tissue-paper.

Qty: 100 Per Pack

Available in white.


Serviettes for Your Food Business

There aren’t many things more essential for a restaurant, cafe, bakery, and more than serviettes.

Mopping up spillages, helping to hold greasy food, and simply providing a way for a customer to keep themselves safe from spillages, a napkin is a must for every food establishment.

Whether you’re serving up hot food like burgers, or cold drinks like cocktails, something as simple as one of our 25cm napkins and serviettes can make a very big difference.

Paper Napkins In Different Styles

This means that you can pick the one that suits your business the best, and dish it up to your customers.

A napkin is perfect for placing on a table, or providing with the food and goes a long way in showing a customer that you care about their business.

Every one of our paper serviettes has 2 ply strength, meaning it is always tough enough to mop up any spilllages, whether it is ice cream, coffee, or grease from a pizza.

Versatile Napkins to Help Your Customers

it can be a bit of a sticky (pardon the pun) situation when you’ve been tucking into a delicious meal, but you have nothing to clean your hands on afterwards.

Maybe your drink has spilled, or you were enjoying some chicken wings covered in sauce?

Without providing a serviette, your customer may struggle, and it is these little touches that can help to make a lasting impression.

Whether eating in, taking away, or sitting at home waiting for a delivery, being able to protect your clothes from dripping food, sticky fingers, and spilled drinks, then you’re much more likely to enjoy your delicious meal.

Paper Serviettes to Protect You and Your Customers

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to add a nice touch to your meal, and provide yourself and your customers with a bit of convenience, then why not get a pack of our paper serviettes today.

They make a perfect partner to our burger boxes, pizza boxes, smoothie cups, and more, so no matter what food and drink you sell, don’t hesitate and make a purchase today.

If you would like to know more, or have any questions, then get in touch with Elpack today.


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