Pack of paper straws

The drinking straw is a seriously underrated piece of packaging. The king of preventing dribbles of drink onto your clothes, or even the master of ensuring minimal loss of lipstick coverage as you take a sip. And when it comes to birthday parties, it is an absolute must for anyone under the age of 10 to have a straw; lemonade just doesn’t taste the same without one. Let’s face it, we all love straws!

However, most straws come in plastic form, which, as we all know, is bad for the planet. They are made from type 5 plastic which is rarely recycled, and the production of those straws is polluting our planet with greenhouse gasses.

In 2019 it was estimated that 47 million plastic straws entered the ocean from the UK each year! Luckily for our oceans and planet, the sale of plastic straws was banned in the UK in 2019.

It would just feel wrong and could be messy to slurp your extra-large lemonade in your favourite fast food restaurant without a straw, so what do you do?

Luckily, the paper straw exists!

Did you know? Paper straws only take 2-6 weeks to decompose, compared to plastic straws, which can take 200 years. This means fewer plastics in landfills and less plastic polluting the ocean and marine animals.

Is it time to give your customers a new sustainable approach as they slurp their drinks on the go? And the jumbo straw is perfect for combating any milk moustaches! And why not pair it with our compostable tumbler, made with renewable cornstarch that biodegrades naturally, and you’ve got a sustainable treat on the go!
Our regular paper straws come in: green and white, yellow and white, black and white, red and white, or a mixed batch. With colour varieties like that, you could match them with your branded staff uniforms! They are available in batches of 250 or 5000. So whether you’re a busy bar owner, manager of a takeaway restaurant or a parent that ploughs through disposable straws due to those fussy kids, we have a sustainable straw solution for you. 

Our paper straws are 100% compostable and marine friendly, so save the panic when you forget your reusable straw: you can always be sustainable.

Say goodbye to the milk moustache (sustainably)! 

Like what you hear? Contact Elpack today and let us supply you with your range of drinking accessories, and we are sure we can find the right solution for you.